junk in the trunk drawer
Sunday, August 19, 2007

well, the cleanout carnival is rocking here in monkeyville kids. today i tackled the garage and part of the laundry room and i will continue to press on after dinner. this was my grandparents' house and i had to move in here really fast- bc i had to get out of my old house but it's a long story- before alot of cabinets and drawers were cleaned out.

my grandmother kept everything bc she grew up really poor during the depression. to give you an idea of the type of situations i am dealing with, let me show you the drawer in the laundry room where my grandmom who never threw anything away put all the home improvement nailscrewmetalpartstapethingies.

please keep in mind this is just the surface of the drawer; the drawer is about 4-5 inches deep. there are layers and layers.

click to enlarge then click 'all sizes' and view it large! to get the full effect. if there is something in the drawer you need or could really use, maybe i can help you. ok just kidding.

the thingy drawer

the good thing about it is if i need something that falls into this category of doodad, all i have to do is go to the drawer. i have to dig around a long time and sometimes accidentally poke myself with something sharp. but i usually always find it.


Blogger Judy said...

I think every house has (or needs) a drawer like this...maybe not to this degree, but a doodad drawer.

Unfortunately, I have several of these drawers I could share with others...too many doodad drawers here!

10:08 PM


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