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Monday, August 20, 2007

i didn't run fast enough and i got tagged by laura. i have to show you my tattoos and tell you the stories behind them.

this is the best pic i can get of the first tattoo i got bc it's on my lower back and i'm home alone. it's blurry, but it wouldn't look any better if it was focussed.

tattoo meme
re: the location- i got this tattoo before the term 'tramp stamp' came into use, i promise. the story is, both me and my sister who is 4 years younger always wanted a tattoo, but she made me wait til she was 18 so we could go together.

i made her go first so i could measure the pain on her face to see if i wanted to chicken out or not. my best friend at the time was with us too. she got a fairy sitting on a mushroom. my sister got a chinese dragon on her groingroin.

it's a celtic cross bc i wanted a cross and my grandmother's family is from scotland hence the celtic thing. it was supposed to look more like this. the lesson to be learned here kids is, don't get a tattoo from a guy who learned the craft in prison, even if he's working in a tattoo parlor and he's 'legal' now.

i have considered having it covered with a bigger better cross. maybe.

the second one is larger and is on the front of my right thigh.

tattoo meme
it says 'hope' in spanish and i got it after my granddad died. the sun doesn't have any meaning i just thought it was cool looking. i still like it though.

i still want one more big tattoo on the middle of my back between my shoulder blades but i probably never will be able to afford it, at least not anytime soon. maybe when all my kids are grown i will limp into the tattoo parlor on my cane and get it.

okay now who can i tag? i'm not sure who reads this blog that might have a tattoo?
if you have a tattoo and you're reading this i tag ya. i would love to see whatcha got!


Blogger Septembermoon said...

Well damn!
I have several but no pic's! Will have to get the ole man to take some! hehe

8:49 PM


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