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Saturday, November 19, 2005

...and several people asked to see the actual documents involved in this "man versus the machine" drama (see last post)
Click on the letter to see it better if you want to read it.


See, the thing is, with my luck, my kids will be raisin' cane that day and the pictures will look like crud on a stick. Then they'll be reeeeaallllllly sorry because my kids will be bratatrocious and they will have no choice but to bite ye olde bullet and kiss up big time.

Speaking of illness, why am I so crazily slash zanily obsessed with Christmas this year? I think it's bc A. My kids are old enough to get excited about it and B. My house is actually big enough for a tree and decorations this year. Tonight we went up to Lowe's to buy "the tree" that I absolutely had to have because once folks start shopping after Thanksgiving, the goot-uns will be gone daddy gone. More on that at a later time.

have a loverly weekend, wherever you are. we will be frrrrreeeeezing here in monkeyville.


(My comments won't open in some browsers now, so if you click and nothing happens, right click the Talking Bananas link and choose open in new window. Gracias.)

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