Why the Latest Fashion Trends Sound Like a Bomb Dropping in the Dressing Room...
Tuesday, November 01, 2005

(I inherited broad shoulders from my father's side of the family tree.)

k8 tries on: a brown sweater with artificial mink collar
k8 looks like: a Mongolian invader preparing to attack the scattering Chinese peasants

k8 tries on: a two piece set-tank top and front tie shrug
k8 look like: a linebacker (first string, NFL)

k8 tries on: a wrap nordic pattern sweater
k8 looks like: a Russian fieldhand named Olga

k8 tries on: a multicolored horizontal striped turtleneck sweater
k8 looks like: um, horizontal stripes- no further description necessary

k8 tries on: approximately 13 tops for work
k8 buys: one top for work, 2 pink casual shirts (different styles and shades)

After much internal debate, we did Halloween. Not really- no trick or treating, just a church party thing. Prepare yourself for the cuteness.
starry princesses
Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob wanted to get their costumes, so how could I argue, really?
They were Cinderella- the special edition dress with the twinkling skirt-and Aunt Sue decorated their bike carrier as the pumpkin coach with battery operated lights and all. Uncle Bob dressed up as the coachman with white wig, top hat, tails, etc. When they arrived at the ball, he entered first and read a proclamation from a scroll announcing the arrival of Princess Lily Joy and Princess Hannah Grace.

Can you even stand it?

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