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Friday, October 28, 2005


I didn't say anything about this before because I was just sitting around obsessing in a nervous fashion and praying really hard until something happened, but today I got SUPER DUPER news.

I found out in the middle of September that due to several factors like the fact that my ex pays no child support for example, the girls were possibly eligible for free health insurance through the state. At first I was all like, yuck, state health insurance, but then I was like, dude, I'm paying 800 DOLLARS A MONTH for health insurance for them thru my job so if I got free health insurance then I could actually pay all my bills and be able to have money to save and stuff. Then I looked at the insurance and it's much better insurance than I'm paying for, plus dental too.

When I first applied (Sept. 15,) they said it would take 7-10 days after receipt to process. I called after a week and they said they hadn't gotten to it yet. I waited 48 more hours. Called again. They said the same thing. I kept calling and calling every few days and got the same answer. Finally, after 35 days, I called and they said they needed more information. I faxed that in the same day. Waited longer and longer. Two days ago I got a letter saying I was denied because I didn't send my extra documentation in on time!!!??? I was completely devastated and mad. I sent everything in on time, and they were the ones who took forever.

My first reaction was to call and go ballistic, but then I decided to wait over the weekend and just pray about it. Today, I got a big envelope from them saying the girls are approved! How that happened- first no- then yes, all within 2 days is totally a God thing.

This is such a big weight off my shoulders. I don't consider us poor by any stretch but 800 bucks is alot of money when you're not getting any child support at all. Now I only have to pay 5 dollars for any doctor visit and 5 dollars for any prescriptions, and 25 dollars for ER or other hospital visits for them. And it's regular Anthem insurance, not even Medicaid.

Thank you GOD! Hoo-rah. I totally can't even express how wonderful I am feeling now, after a long long week.
Tomorrow my mom and I are taking the girls to a big fall thing a local nursery has with music, food, hayrides, and cool stuff like that. It's supposed to be a great day tomorrow too-sunny and a little nippy- perfect autumn pumpkin weather.

Hopefully fun will be had by all and pics will be taken. Hope it's good weather where u r too!

aug2005 013
The monkeys imitate hoppies. (bunny wabbits)


ps hey click the map thing at the top and put yourself on it cuz it's cooooooooooool and i like you.

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