Turkey day...ahoy!
Sunday, November 20, 2005

First, a cute baby fix for you monkey maniacs. These dresses were presents for Christmas last year and they're size 24 months and the girls can just now wear them. The same children that look so precious and demure here not one hour later decided to run home from church across the field and skidded abruptly, leaving huge grass stains on the knees of their new cream tights that are supposed to last all winter.
goodonedreses2"Lemmee outta here so I can go wreak havoc!"
I can see over the horizon to Thursday here at Casa de Monkey and, my oh my, what a chaotic frenzy 'twil be! As of today we have 28 loverly turkey trotters arriving for Thanksgiving and we're still counting. The good thing is that I function superbly at the last minute and this is a great way to get my house clean for the holidays cuz as soon as I get up Friday I'm launching the Christmas frenzy starting with the tree.

Several readers have enquired about the fate/safety of Percy the Evil Cat. As you may recall, Percy, also known as the Feline of Doom (launch maniacal kitty laughter in background,) was a resident here in my Grandmom's house when I moved in and has proceeded to urinate on everything in sight and screechingly demand at least 6 dozen cans of Fancy Feast a day. To his dismay and continual irritance he is catapulted outside at every opportunity yet manages to find his way back in just as much. He is constantly underfoot and secretly gets a perverse pleasure out of tripping me at least once daily. Here he is, staking claim to a new basket by coating the lining with stinky furballs.
He is still available for adoption.


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