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Saturday, March 11, 2006

It was such a lovely spring day today that I almost expected to see little baby lambies frolicking in the meadow and fluffy baby chicks chirping merrily as they waddle along. Wait, would the romping lambs injure the chicks? Nevermind.

70 degrees here the last few days. The girls dig it. They are BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS hyper.

Tonight on the way to the playground Lily projectile vomited up her oatmeal from lunch a few hours earlier. I will probably be home with her tomorrow and I'm just waiting for H to start upchucking too.

They are now officially turning into little girls. So sad. But so precious. Remember when they couldnt talk? I predict they will both be on the debate team in high school.
All they do these days is argue their points like two little lawyers.
marchtub 016
marchtub 015


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