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Monday, March 20, 2006

When I started this job, the high school teachers told me middle school students were not prepared well enough for Sp.I in high school so I vowed this year things would be different. Chu.
I have been pushing them hard - really hard for middle schoolers and nobody even has below a C. The problem is....in middle school Spanish is an elective so they treat it like art or PE. But if they get a B or above they get HS credit, so really it's one of the most academic subjects. I teach at 2 schools, in case I didn't tell you before. Each has its pros and cons but the kids are awesome at both. But I never have all my kids in class together more than 2-3 times a week since January. It's so crazy. They have everything during the elective periods- asssemblies, meetings, etc. Now I see why the students aren't prepared. It's so frustrating. Now spring sports are starting too.

I tried to keep my head above water at first, but then it got so bad I just gave up and decided to shoot for quality over quantity. I spend 10 minutes every day at the beginning of class explaining make up work to kids. The other kids are supposed to be working on something but they always yak.

One school is especially motivated and I had given an assignment last week to make a movie explaining everything in the Chapter step by step using the vocab as their test grade for the chapter which is a big grade. They got to work on it extra last week because I was sick.

Today one girl's mom dropped off her props for the movie for the dress rehearsal today, bc they write the script themselves and act it out, was a car made out of a like appliance box or something and spray painted blue. It really rocked!
Picture012[1] (2)
The kids were making it look like it was moving and had hydraulics on it. They also have a giant shark fin and Jaws music played on the clarinet. Since I don't see the movie til I film it, it'll be interesting to find out what they did. We film tomorrow.

Luces, camara, accion!!!


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