Monday, March 13, 2006

I have been busting my beehives daily for a week now on this everloving treadmill/ stair climber/ medieval torture device. I like it bc you can set it on a certain program and it goes up and down automatically. see pic Yes I know most do this but my old one didn't so it's thrilling.

Tonight I felt actual definite muscles moving on the tops of my thighs as I sat at this here computer. Should I become a professional bodybuilder or what?

Spring is now springing here.
On another subject entirely, the moon and night sky here were wonderferously gorgeously beautiful tonight. Pictures just cannot do them justice. It was slightly hazy and here where I live I can walk a couple steps and be in the middle of a big open field where when you look up you feel like you're quite possibly getting a glimpse of Heaven. The stars were so brilliant. The moon had a yellow glazy blob around it like an egg white.

marchtub 036 CLICK TO BIGGIFY (highly recommended)
notice loverly green spring growth on the tree in the forefront.

The crickets were chirping, it wasn't chilly at all, and the wind was slightly whispering in the pines. In the distance I heard some tinkling windchimes. It was an awesome display of His majesty!


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