doesn't it just tick you off?
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

when you check here and it's the same post you read last time?
"geez, would it hurt her so much to give us a freakin update?" you ask.

ok let's see

end of school...lots of chaos...crazy cleanup and finish grades and get out...children clinging & screaming "mommy are you done with work yet? sun...lots of laundry to catch up on...tons of cleaning to do...trying to get ready 4 a yardsale of some type...! ...pool...boat...breezes...more laundry...and...

drumroll please...

a new pet bunnykins! her name is mrs. lucy wigglesworth. she's a little dwarf bunny- white w/ grey marks and she's lovely i say lovely. and so calm when the children drop her. JUST JOKING. peta don't picket my url por favor. but they do like to give 'er a good tousle.

pictures soon and lots of love and kisses!


ps this is not lucy. it is her stunt double.


Blogger Sandy said...

Cute! I love bunnies. Too bad their pee smells so bad or we'd have lots o bunnies : )
Your life sounds like busy

2:00 AM


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