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Monday, November 06, 2006

AMAZON.COM has ticked me off royally. on november 1 I ordered 2 carseats for scott's/ our new vehicle- (i didnt tell you that last week on his own he decided he should trade in his 5 month old jeep wrangler for a family vehicle and he ended up getting a dark green jeep liberty) technically it's mainly his but i get to drive it sometimes too- like nights weekends, etc.

i did research on carseats bc we're going to have to have 3 in the back and i needed to find out what the safest narrowest front facing ones were so the infant one can squeeze in the middle. Amazon.com had them cheapest. they said they were in stock and available to be shipped immediately.

when i checked my bank account last night i noticed they hadnt even been charged yet. so i checked my account on amazon and the estimated delivery date is NOVEMBER 17???!!!!!! what the bleep dude??? and to top it off THE ORDER CANNOT BE CANCELLED.

turns out that when you qualify for and choose free shipping they put you behind everybody who wanted to pay for shipping. who would want to pay for the shipping on 2 heavy carseats? come on people. the
y don't tell you that choosing free shipping will delay your order when you place the order.


agitation, frustration, etc.

that is all.


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