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Friday, August 24, 2007

we just got back and i am fried dude.
well it's embarrassing to tell ya what baseball team we saw last night- they're so bad right now. ok, we were
we had a good time anyway. i will post more tomorrow w pictures and man wait til you see the screaming middle-aged mullet guy who was in front of us- i snapped his pic w my cell so you can check him out!

afterwards we went here and here. both were fun. more fun than the game!

oh yeah and scott had set the dvr to record the pregame show and the game, so we waited outside the park where they always film live outside before the game and walked around casually behind the chick who was talking w/ the mic and all.

then tonight we got home and watched ourselves looking like idiots! it was awesome.

i will try to video the tv tomorrow and show you guys.


ps haloscan comments are malfunctioning off and on lately. if you click the time below you can make a blogger or an anonymous comment


Blogger Judy said...

COOL! You're on TV! Heh heh

11:52 PM

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