new study proves whine ok with pregnancy
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

if one more person tells me "YOU'RE HUGE!!!" or "You'll never make it to June!" after they ask how far along I am I will go batty and scream "You're right! Oh no -I'm going into labor right now!!" then fall on the floor in a dramatic freakout fit.


alright so I really wouldn't do that not bc it's sick and could possible give a senior citizen a heart attack but bc I would never be able to get back up.

i would love to share more but i'm about to pass out from exhaustion.

must. sleep. now.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The monks are obsessed with doing "projects." This means giving them scissors, gluesticks, and other instruments of torture and letting them explore their inner artist. I just go to any old website that has coloring pages and let them pick what they like then they color and disect. They like to add stickers for that extra oomph as well.

Last week I found a really cool one where you just print out the page of pizza stuff and let them cut and glue. I had the wise idea to let them glue it on a paper plate so it looks like real pizza. We did that one Saturday.

cool cutout and glue stick pizza craft i got off the internet.

(Some other sites I get stuff from are this one this one and this one.)


In unrelated pregnancy news, I always heard about having weird dreams when you're knocked up but lately mine have gotten incredibly freaky and realistic. Last night I had a dream where I woke up from a dream in my bedroom and went to use the bathroom. When I got back a long deceased and greatly beloved pet dog was laying where I sleep (it was alive, yes) and omg the details I have stored in my brain and don't even know. In my dream he had on the same collar he used to wear and I examined him from head to toe to make sure I wasn't imagining him before I reached out to pet him. He was happy and wagging his tail. I woke up my husband (in the dream) and asked him "Do you see a dog in the bed or am I hallucinating?" and he responded that he saw it too. His fur even felt the same when I petted him. (the dog not the husband.)

It was extremely shocking and emotional and this morning when I started thinking about it I actually started crying bc the dog was so dear to me and the dream was so incredibly realistic.

Pregnancy hormones- oy vey.

um... cuteness.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

(click speaker icon at the bottom for lover-ly musical accompaniment if it doesn't start automatically.)

b day pix!
Sunday, February 18, 2007

are here.
You can view them as a slideshow or click on individual pictures to see em bigger with explanations and titles.

It was fun but I am still exhausted. We have tomorrow off ! The girls are spending the night w my mom and dad so I can sleep in. Ahhhhhh, it's fantabulous.


i got you babe.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

they knocked over the singing gorillas so you can only see the bottom of em.

Happy monkey V-day!

Why Our Country is Going to Heck in a Handbasket
Monday, February 12, 2007

Now don't get me wrong- I'm ashamed to say I am just as big a fan of mild potty humor as the next guy. I have to surpress a snicker when the occasional daring student makes an anonymous farting noise in the middle of class.


Please do not give my 3.95 year old child , or child of any age for that matter, except maybe over 12, (and those kids probably eat regular adult food bc they're too embarrassed to order it), this toy in her Happy Meal.

The girls wanted to know why the teachers wouldn't let the kids open their Happy Meal at school on Special Lunch Day. Gee, I wonder.

Can you imagine the lunchroom of the Christian school filled with the the sound of dozens of these things cutting the cheese simultaneously? Okay so maybe the concept it is funny but it's not a toy for easy influenceable young minds that I'm trying to convince not to scream things like "I HAVE TO POOP NOW MOMMY " in the middle of the crowded grocery store.

The Happy Meal Toy Website (did you know there was one?) describes the farting armpit noises as "comical sounds." This is irresponsible. McDonald's could outfit a Happy Meal Toy with a secret subliminal sonar code undetectable to adult ears that tells kids across America to beg to go to McDonald's every day for a chicken nugget Happy Meal.

Hey, wait a minute...

ps Scott took it away from me as soon as I showed it to him and started squeezing it in my ear and chasing me with it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dude. Having gestational diabetes is sooooooooooo freaking miserable.

They tested me earlier this time since I had it so bad before. In case you've never been pregnated, what you have to do is go to the doctor's office and drink this cup of thick orange flavored syrup then sit in the waiting room reading old TIME magazines and pregnancy magazines with pictures of skinny glamorous models who are pregnant but who look like they only have half a basketball glued to their guts instead of looking like a regular fat pregnant chick.

Then after an hour, when your self esteeem is already lowered and you feel like crud, they call you back and jab you with a needle, then they tell you you can't eat anything else yummy or delicious til the baby exits the premises, plus you will have to prick yourself several times a day and report the figures back to them.

Last time I had to go on the needle (insulin) ASAP but luckily it's not that bad yet this time. I have been controlling it thru food so far. Which means I can't have anything good with flour or sugar in it basically. No cake no cookies no goodies. No pasta no rice no nothing. Really it's less about sugar and more about carbs which turn into sugar when u eat em. So it's like being on the Atkins Diet involuntarily. Of course they make alot more sugar free stuff nowadays but even still you can't pig out. One serving of SF cookies is only maybe 3 or 4. k8 wants 10 or 12.

I should be used to this from before but I think my brain blocked out all the negative stuff. I had forgotten how it feels to be in the grocery store and gaze longingly at the Entenmann's snack cakes whilst knowing we cannot be together.

Which brings me to the conclusion that I feel extreme amounts of sympathy for people who have diabetes all the time, not just while they are pregnant. At least I have a light at the end of the tunnel. I would lose my mind to think that I couldn't ever eat any yummy stuff ever again.

The only good part is that maybe this diet will keep me from gaining any more weight. I am very proud of myself thus far- I have gained just 18 pounds. Which seems like alot but take into consideration that last time I was prego I gained over 80. Yikes.

Off to eat some delicious sugar free Jello now. Toodles.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Dora Starcatcher is an evil evil little Latina girl with a pet monkey who will crush and destroy you if you do not buy every piece of merchandise you find with her face on it.

The party is getting out of control. Just as in years before, I swear simplicity and bare necessities when I start planning. Then things and more things keep being added, people invited, etc. Now that there are substantial amounts of adults attending I will have to serve some real food not just kiddy crud.

On the bright side though...

The favor boxes will be the piece de resistance of the fete. I got plain boxes that look like Happy Meal boxes but bigger and I got bright colored star stickers with which to embellish them. I will also do a custom name tag for each, needless to say.

They will hold a plethora of Dora Starcatcher party paraphenalia the likes of which have never been seen this side of the Mississippi River. Plastic Dora cups, Dora stickers, Dora blowouts, Dora mini slinkies, Dora bouncy balls, Dora tops, Dora bubbles in star shaped bottles, star shaped sunglasses,
Dora twisty Rubik's Cube puzzle thingies (no I did not pay even half that price for them.) The bomb diggity thing though is I have gotten almost all of it on ebay for super duper cheap. Then I also happened to run across a site that was had all their Dora Starcatcher stuff on clearance!!

Oh yes and a big huge Dora balloon centerpiece and my sister is making
the Dora mountain cake fer sure plus individual cupcakes with Dora rings on them. Ba- dow baby.

Did I mention I found a big Dora popup ring toss game on clearance for ten bucks?
But what will the prizes for the game be? you ask...
Personalized Dora shaped chocolate lollypops!

What about a star shaped cheese ball with lovely star crackers?
Someone please stop me. Smack me up side the head with Backpack. It's an illness that is getting progressively worse.

be afraid.
"I'll suck out your brains with a lime green star shaped Sippy straw."

Thursday, February 01, 2007

So k8, confident in the fact that she will never ever ever have any more children, gives every shred of her baby stuff away. 2 beautiful cherry cribs and a cherry changing table, 2 swings, 2 bouncy seats, 2 bassinets, etc, etc,etc,

oy vey.

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