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Thursday, November 24, 2005

What do you post about right after Thanksgiving that doesn't sound like what everybody else has posted?

"We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Aunt Sally made her famous pumpkin pie and Uncle Al did his zany Lawrence Welk impersonation. Boy, did we all eat alot! We have sooooooooooo many leftovers! It's gonna be turkey turkey turkey all weekend long! " and so on and so on and etc.

My family is LOUD! I know you can't imagine that, right? Anyway, you know, everybody was sitting around after dinner all gorged and tryptophan-ed up, with glazed over post Thanksgiving buffet eyes and I can't say it was really quiet but it was probably like a mild lull in the roar of conversation when
(I interject at this point to tell you that I have an alarm system that talks whenever you open a door or window and says like "Sensor 2, Back door OPEN" in a loud voice) my burglar alarm said, "Sensor 14, Bathroom window, OPEN." Well you know what was running through everybody's mind. We won't go into details here. But anyway... 5 minutes later Relative X comes into the kitchen and says to me, "Sorry about your bathroom, I had to open the window," and I was like, "That was you? I thought it was like Dad or Uncle Jim" and everybody heard and started laughing and Relative X was all embarrassed and of course everyone who didn't hear was like "What's so funny?" and everybody was laughing their heads off.

Poor Relative X. He/she is now the subject of a family story that will go down in history and be repeated at every holiday gathering. "Hey Relative X, do you remember last year after dinner...?"

Sorry, it's just hilarious, in a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation kind of way. Man, my family is illin'. I love it.

And now I'm telling you.

(My comments won't open in some browsers now so if you click and nothing happens, right click the talking bananas link and choose open in new window.)


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