Now I just need the body to match.
Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You have to do this. I saw it at Tee's.
You upload a picture of your face and it compares all the facial recognition points with a celebrity database and tells which celebrities you look the most like.
I entered this picture of myself.
The celebrity whose face matches mine closest is...Angelina Jolie???? Are you serious? I am totally not seeing that. But who am I to argue with forensic science?

The next closest match is Christina Ricci and I think I can see that one a liiiiitttle bit. Next is Cameron Diaz, and after that the one I think I can most agree with...Shirley Temple! (the child actress, not the old ambassador.)
Hey, I'm down with that. I love me some Shirley Temple movies. Heidi is my all-time fave.

Go ahead, do it.

But first go check out my cute little cakes.

(My comments won't open in some browsers now so if you click and nothing happens, right click the talking bananas link and choose open in new window.)

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