Monday, November 28, 2005

No shocker that all my students were limp lifeless slugs today.

But I was too. I had gotten in the baaaad habit of sleeping in and did not go to bed early last night. This morning I almost fell asleep on the way to work and have been dragging all day. Since I'm so tired, instead of going to bed, I'm on the computer. (kicks self in buttocks)

No really I just got finished listing some more clothes on eBay and asking myself "Is this really worth all the trouble?" But the thing is, it's really weird how sometimes people will pay mega bucks for stuff I think is cruddy, and won't give up the bucks for the stuff that was expensive in the first place. Overall I think I know twins clothes go for more cuz it's harder to find 2 of the same size.

I put up our tree Friday night and the girls semi-shredded it Sat morning so I got them their own mini trees and plastic ornaments to decorate and undecorate and chunk around, and so far it has helped a little. Luckily, when purchasing decorations I got all unbreakable stuff for this very reason.
scrambleAfter re-decoration

Okay, that's all.


who me?
Mommy's Little Ornament Thrashers (trying to look innocent- who us??)

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