Attention all mommies...CEREAL ALERT
Monday, February 28, 2005

FYI: That new cereal Tiger Power with Tony the Tiger on the box tastes like crud-ola. I think it tastes like what that vegetable cereal would taste like in Daddy Daycare (you should watch that if you haven't seen it). They trick you by putting Tony on the box and making you believe it's gonna be GRRRRRREAT but my kids took one bite and said "Gaga" which means poopoo/trash/yucky stuff. I was all like "Mmmmmmmm it's sooooogood! Mommy likes it!" Then I popped a piece in to prove it and just about gagged. It's really cute and looks like it should be good. At first you think it will be grrrrrrrrrrrreat because it has a little layer of sugar on the outside, but it's like a Fireball; once the sugar dissolves you're screaming and spitting it out.

I want my money back!

Such a gifted baby.

Okay you'll never believe this. I didn't believe it myself at first . Click on the link below to see what Lily did. You have to click View Slideshow on the right side to get the whole effect and then close your eyes for like 10 seconds until the slideshow pops up, so you won't ruin the surprise!
Go on now, hurry up!

This kid has attitude.

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And I mean serious attitude. It developed like a Polaroid picture. One day, nice little baby, next day, BAM, screamer. My mom took this picture of Hannah yesterday when I was in the bathroom. This is what she does about 50% of the time when I dare to go in the bathroom or my bedroom, which is the other door you see in the photo, or in the kitchen and shut her out.

Would you look at this child? Accompanying this banging is a high pitched primal monkey scream which could be like just a general AYAYAYYAYAY Indian war whoop, an ear piercing MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMY! (repeat,) or just recently added for your listening pleasure HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY BAAAAAAAAAABY! I keep telling her my name is not baby, it's mommy. When the screaming is to no avail, she adds an additional attention getting measure; she gets down on the floor and sticks her hands and/or feet under the crack and sweeps them back forth. Lily will yell sometimes but nothing like this. What to do? I've tried everything I can possibly imagine. Nothing works.

Hannah has always been the dominant child, starting from the womb. When I was pregnant, she was always the kicking and pushing instigator. Twice I had to go to the hospital to get monitored because she pushed Lily around so that the home health nurse couldn't find her heartbeat. I mean, it's not like meanness, it's just like a "Miss Hotstuff" type thing, if you know what I mean.

Also note the skid mark on the wall. There used to be a pressurized swinging baby gate there until Hannah figured out that if she karate kicked it hard enough for long enough it would pop off so she could squeeze through like a little mouse through a hole. The whole wall was white until then. She is completely determined to get what she wants.

I don't even want to think about the teen years.

I apologize in advance for the headache.
Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm sorry that my kids are so cute they make you want to jump through your computer screen and just squeeze em and smooch the heck out of em. Posted by Hello

Wild Monkey Factoid:
Friday, February 25, 2005

The Caramel Sauce that comes with McDonald's Apple Dippers, when piled onto a ponytail at the exact point of origin, and air dried for a minimum of 15 minutes, will bond the rubber band into monkey hair exactly like rubber cement.

Monkey Fashionistas

After viewing the party photos (see below) you may ask yourself, "What the heck were those kids wearing?" If you really must know, they are wearing what all princesses absolutely must wear on their birthdays which are tutus. Of course being freezing outside, they couldn't sport just the tops and tutus, thus the pink leggings underneath. Additionally, the leopard print shirt went with the whole circus animal motif, but it was layered and trimmed with dainty pink ribbons for an extra feminine touch. White socks with pink ruffles and black mary janes finished the ensemble for a look we'll call "Jungle Chic." I really don't understand why everyone says the monkeys are already mini-divas. I can't help it if they get upset when their socks and outfits don't match. I have no idea where they got that from. Ahem.

Even though I had asked that no one bring gifts to the party, many rebellious guests went against the grain and gave the monkeys presents anyway. CaroleAnn and Jakie Baker brought them a Care Bears DVD a couple days beforehand. Anything with dancing bears is cool with them.
They got 2 beeyooootiful bouquets of pink flowers, some nice books including one I really love called My Mommy and Me, a Veggie Tales DVD,and some yummily Burt's Bees Baby Bees Lotion and Diaper Cream, which is our fave (from the Northern Aunties.) Their Aunty Tay, Uncle Caleb, and Cousin Ava E. gave them two new DVDs, Blue's Clue's Hug Day and 25 Years of Sesame Street Songs. We're not even gonna go there with everything their Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue brought them but the big thing was this. My ex's mom sent them alot of cute clothes and some moolah for diapers. Oh yes, and let's not forget the adorable singing bears I mentioned before from Auntie Barb in FL. They really are cute when you're not trying to sleep!!
I ordered them the Miffy Shape Sorter I had seen recommended in Parents magazine but that just got here yesterday. My Aunt Judy made them the warmest snuggliest blankets out of pastel Pooh Bear polar fleece material with kind of ragged floppy looking edges. Mommy may have to confiscate those and test them to make sure they're okay. Ha.
So people, if this is what happens when I say no presents, I don't want to think about what would occur if I said presents were allowed. Gracias for all the nice things.

My monks are blessed to have so many friends and extended family who love them. But how could you not love a couple of adorable smooching monkeys like these? I think their motto will be "All this and brains too." Too over the top? Perfect.

Finally...the photos!
Thursday, February 24, 2005

Here is the link to the birthday party pictures. I hope it works!

Click here dudes!

Hide the singing Jesus bears, please.
Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Yesterday I was still feeling sick but I went to work anyway out of obligation to my employers, bc they treat me right and they're the bomb, plus who else would give you, among other things, an Ipod mini and a year's subscription to Audible for Christmas??

After about 2.5 hours this girl couldn't take it anymore and I had to ask to leave which was cool bc there was noone on my schedule. When I got home my mom was there with the girls and I went back in my room and shut the door so I could lay down and try not to feel nauseous. Right about the time I just about fell asleep, I heard them banging on the door yelling "Maaaa" "mamamamammamamama---uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh- maaaaaaaa." Then I heard my mom come drag em down the hall saying "Leave your mommy alone she doesn't feel good."
So I tried to go back to sleep. When I had just nodded off again, I heard this scuttling and slight scurrying around the bottom of my door, which has a pretty good size gap. Then all of a sudden I hear this loud obnoxious voice singing Jesus Loves ME this I know, FOR the BI- BLE tells me sooooo etc., etc. I shot up in bed, ripped the sleep mask from my face and looked down. They were taking these teddy bears their Auntie Barbara T. had sent them for their birthday (thanks Auntie Barb!) shoving them halfway under the door and stomping on them to make them sing, so as to disturb their poor bedridden mother and make her COME OUT NOW NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE.

So I put on my ipod and cranked it up so I couldn't hear them and passed back out. Sometimes a mommy just has to have her peace, right?

Bday Sample

I'm still working on the slideshow with all the pictures. Here are a few to hold ya over.

Lily Joy Posted by Hello

Hannah Grace Posted by Hello

Tutu Cute! Posted by Hello

What I have heard for 36 of the last 48 hours (turn volume to max )
Monday, February 21, 2005

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This is what happens when you party too hard.
Sunday, February 20, 2005

The circus party was a smashing success. I'm gonna post a photo album link as soon as I have time to use my dad's computer. Why can't you do it from your computer? you ask. Well in case I haven't mentioned I live in a muy rural area and believe it or not, urbanites, DSL is but a distant dream. Yep that's right everything I do is dialup and the world's slowest dialup at that. SO besides that, I don't have a printer hooked up to this computer to download pix off my camera card. So sad. When I want to post pictures it's gotta be done somewhere else. And even if I did have a way to download it would take fooooooreeeeeveeeeer. So hopefully tomorrow with the pictures.

Back to my original point which was, the party went great. I have to say the decorations were awesome for being so cheap. You'll see. We made this tent thing on the ceiling with those colored plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree. Originally I had wanted to make the whole inside ceiling look like you were inside a tent but that was too much trouble. I have a tendency to think big. Sometimes too big. Anyway it looked cool. I had alot of help so bigups to the party crew.

So after the fiesta, the girls came home and went to bed and then started barfing and having diarrhea chachacha. Then me. Lovely. We were up all night. Pounding headache- and then all day today too. Nice. Lots and lots of loads of laundry. If it wasn't for my mom I don't know what I would have done. She didn't get the funky bug but my dad did.

Random TV thoughts by Jack Handy: My mom was watching NASCAR today, which by the way I would never voluntarily view. It made me think of the movie Six Pack with Kenny Rogers. That movie ruled. The theme song was the bomb. If you've never seen you should watch it. I think I'll order it from NetFlix.

Growing Up Gotti - have you seen this show? It's like the most horrible thing that you can't stop watching. Disgusting and fascinating simultaneously.

Noggin is the girl's favorite channel and the theme songs to the shows get stuck in your head and make you bonko.

Okay that's all for now.

Can you hear me now?
Friday, February 18, 2005

Coolness. I can now post audio clips for you to hear. This is a test one. Can't wait to get the girls talking on here!

P.S. Does everyone dislike the sound of their own voice????

this is an audio post - click to play

First bday - chubby babies! Where have they gone? Posted by Hello

Hannah Posted by Hello

Lily  Posted by Hello

Then there were two who were two

Happy birthday to you
You live in a zoo
You look like 2 monkeys
But you smell like Gerber baby shampoo!!!

Cute from the getgo.
Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hannah Grace Posted by Hello

Lily Joy Posted by Hello

Yes I'm a Christian but that doesn't mean you can't like me.

All of a sudden...the talking. Oy vey amigos. In case you didn't know the chimpies got tubes put in their ears in December because they had fluid all the time, and being in the profession I am, I wasn't going to wait it out like many pediatricians recommend bc I know the repurcussions of fluid when kids are at such a crucial age for speech development. I see it all the time. Of course many will argue against ear tubes but if you would like to discuss that further, have your people email my people.

Anyways, they have been busting out with about 2 new words a day for the past week or so. Soos n socks. Baby, but more like this- BAAAAby! dutty (dirty clothes) ga-ga(cacapoo pants) (with holding of nose and pointing to sister's backside) doggy puppy kee-ca (kitty cat) peez (please) gram-pa gee gee (GG - my grandmother) and so on and so on. As I have mentioned before they have definite ideas about what they will and won't do, so they may say a word then refuse to repeat it until a few days later.

BTW I'm listening to my radical pink mini ipod that my ultracool bosses gave me for Christmas along with an Audible subscription (yes,they rock) and highly recommend a new album from iTunes called iWorship - lots of great new Worship songs. Got it today. Love the David Crowder Band sp?. They're on it. It's a mix CD.

I wish you could see the most adorable dresses I got the girls for next Christmas at the Children's Place Outlet in AZ. Mom got cousin A the matching set. They're not on the website anymore bc they're last year's Christmas line but they are the CAAAYOOOTEST! They're dark red short sleeves with the satin on top and the big fluffo tulle skirt on the bottom and a big sash. They have the matching overjacket of the same color - it comes right below the armpits and is velvet with fur collar and cuffs. Cuteness factor - overloading the scale, people.

Oh my gosh my baby boo bears will be dos- count em - 2- years old tomorrow.
They were and still are little miracles and tangible evidence of the power of prayer.
Born February 18, 2003 at 8:40 & 8:42 pm after alot of scary stuff survived with mucho prayery stuff. I love them desperately.

Thanks, Big Guy, for the baby angels. Love, K8

If you must...
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Once again I have requested that no one buy anything for the girls' bday. I'm trying not to make thse monkeys into materialistic little consumers. However, since I know I will be ignored and peeps have asked what to buy, I give you the following. Just click on the link to see the thing.

Music they're into: Dan Zanes Laurie Berkner

DVD's: Anything Elmo or Sesame Street

Books: Anything animals, colors, counting, or potty related - but they must be board books because otherwise...shred city dude!

In honor of V Day -
Monday, February 14, 2005

Here are the cutest chubby wittle Hershey's Kisses monkeys you ever did see. This was taken at 10 months. Look at those cheeks! Cupid ain't got nothing on these two! Posted by Hello

Back from the Grand Canyon State

I'm back from AZ and here are a few crazy pictures. It was cool out there, being from the East Coast and all, I had never been to that part of our fine country. Cactuses, sand and lots of people for me to speak español to. It rocked. But I missed my monkeys.

Looking down over the roof of the resort at night. That's right, resort baby, no cheesy Motel 6 for monkey mama. Thank goodness for companies that have their conferences in places like this! Posted by Hello

One of the pools. Of course those are lit up cactuses in the background by the pool silly! Posted by Hello

Why are these all funky lookin night pix? Cuz it was raining every day. Ain't that my luck? This is looking over a bridge at the resort down at one of the pools. Posted by Hello

Me at night that's why it's all wacky lookin with all the crazy lasery things in front of my head. No, I don't know why my left eyebrow is arched up like Cruella Deville. I promise my eyes arent't really asymmetrical. Perhaps I was trying to look sultry, but I doubt that. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Here's the girls' Christmas pics in case you haven't seen them. Posted by Hello

Pose 2 Posted by Hello

Pose 3 Posted by Hello

Back in a few...

I know that it will be hard for you to live without new pix of the monks for this long, but I'm going to AZ for my job until Sunday. In the mean time, focus on ideas for their bday party and leave your comments for me to let me know how smart you are.

The theme is...drumroll please.............the circus!!! Super duper exciting. So far we have striped tablecloths sp? plates and napkins that are like bright circus colors. I want the hall to look like you're in a circus tent so I need to figure out a way to do that. There will be a clown making those balloon animals- no I'm not paying for it my friend's daughter does it. And of course the cake will be circus themed (with clowns.) Now, what else would be cool yet cheap and easy?

I made the invites myself on the computer. They have a picture of a circus tent and ringmaster on the front and the front says

I hear that a circus is coming to town
With camels and popcorn and elephants and clowns!
But what's the occasion for this travelling zoo...?

(Open card)

Those silly twin monkeys are gonna be 2!
Then all the details, etc. And of course there's a graphic inside of two circus monkeys.

BTW when I get back I'm gonna do a photo album from their birth til now so you can revel in the chubby baby-ness. Til then...pray for my mom who going with me and is scared to death of flying. Then pray for my nerves to put up with her! Just joking. Or not.

Monday, February 07, 2005

If you visited yesterday, bl*gger had my profile mixed up w another blog and some other posts on my blog that weren't mine. So it will take me a few days to redo my profile. Thanks-k8!

Of course they both wouldn't look up at the same time for the picture. H. is kissing L. on the shoulder. She is such a kissy monster - she is always trying to pin L. down to smooch and hug her. Posted by Hello

H. showing off for the camera Posted by Hello

Trying on Valentine's head boppers at Party City Posted by Hello

Big Girl Pants

I have always liked the pants and one piece suits with the snap crotch because they're easier for changing diapers. However, now the girls have discovered the wonderful world of snaps. If they have something on that snaps in the crotch, guaranteed they will have it unsnapped in 30 seconds or less. So they got their first pair of big girl jeans with the zipper and snap in front. I can't believe how grown up they are! Plus, they think they rule with these jeans on; when we got them Mom tried put them on them to see if they fit okay and they were strutting around pointing to them like they knew they were cool and they didn't want to take them off. They wore them for the first time yesterday.

Note to Mommy from L.
Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dear Ma, I promise I will not ever try to feed my Little Mommy baby doll bananas again because I know now that she will not eat them and the banana mush will jam down in her little mouth and then rub all over the new sofa slipcover and I will scream because her mouth is full of gunky brown mush and it will get all over my hands and will not totally come off when I try to clean them on my pants. Love and Kisses, L.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Okay last one for now, I promise. H is saying, "You talkin' ta me?" Posted by Hello

This one's muy adorable also. It's the baby starlet cousin A. in her Christmas appearance, (before her cousins ganged up on her and took her pappie then bonked her on the head with the Fisher Price Karoake Machine microphone.) Posted by Hello

It may be just me, but they're the cutest and smartest kids ever born. Gracias. Posted by Hello

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