there are two kinds of people in this world...
Sunday, June 25, 2006

...those who ALWAYS regardless of inconvenience return the cordless phone to the base so that when it rings next time they will know immediately without a shred of doubt where it is and can leap towards it with the kind of vigorous certainty that only comes with the assurance of knowing that the phone is exactly where it SHOULD be.

then, there are those, like myself, who prefer to tote it around or at least place it in the general vicinity of where i am in the house so i can answer sooner and/or not have to get up when montel is on, raising my convenience level but also risking that i will forget its' current location and have to flail around wildly when it rings in order to find it then have to call the person back if it wasn't a telemarketer and it's someone i want to talk to at that moment then have to make sure to remember to put it back at night so the battery doesn't get low.


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