we're hoping against hop hope
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

that lucy wigglesworth is alive. gasp! (dramatic intake of breath)

yes, see. i told you. remember the goldfish i killed in less than 48 hours last year? now lucy has escaped her home sweet hutch and is running? happily through the woods here. realistically though, since she is not a wild bunny, either she got bullied into slave labor by the feral brown bunnies who live around here, or she has become a victim of one of these many red foxes that are living in the woods behind the monkey compund. yikes.

i don't know what happened- we went out to check and her door was open and she was gone. the door must have not been closed all the way and it was really windy.

we're over it already though. see evidence of love for the new friend found today in the garden...
i'm not so sure about this...

okay maybe.


free at last!

okay, maybe not so much. they were happy to release it into the woods to go find its' mommy.

parting words to the turtle:
Hannah: "bye mister turtle. go look for lucy."
Lily: "yeah, and if you find 'er, yell."

ps i am in some stooooooooooopid workshops for school this week every day. so sorry- i promise i will visit and catch up on all blogs next week!



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