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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Since I moved in my Grandmom's house I have found alot of random stuff jammed here and there by my Grandmom. There are still tons of drawers to be gone through. The woman kept everything. We found napkins from their honeymoon from each restaurant where they ate, detailing on the back what they ate and how much it was. Also material from each hotel and sight with notes. You get the idea. It's very time consuming. Anyway tonite I was trying to tidy up my bedroom for turkey day by jamming all my summer clothes in big clear leaf bags to be stored, I found my Granddad's Secret Masonic Hat - you know like on Fred Flintstone and the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo?

Of course I made Scott try on the lovely fez.

"what are you doing with that picture?" "who you sending it to?"

"um, nobody."


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