Friday, March 31, 2006

I strive to preserve the semi-witty/ slightly snide nature of this here blog. It's all about organizing your thoughts, isn't it? So when I cannot organize my thoughts to make them tangible here I cannot blog.

Ok let's see. The cop- um, no. Came 2 hrs late after begging me for a freaking date. I kept putting him off but alas the tale ends woefully. Plus let's be honest, I have a problem with boys. Every boy I've ever liked was the bad kind. Most had long hair. All had issues.

Puppy headbands for puppy party for Ava E. Next weekend. The gig will rock. I will let Stacy do a guest post detailing the awesomeness. The invitations were bone shaped with little paw prints punched out for decoration. My sister is the queen of class when it comes to parties. I'm more on the gaudy side myself, sorry.

Ahem for some reason I cannot remember tattoos hurting that much when u get em. Yikes Batman! I almost came up off the table when he hit me with the needle the first time but it was all good after it got numb. It only hurt for like 2-3 hours afterwards. Stacy got her Chinese dragon redone too on her groinal area.

So the biggest thing that has been taking away from blogging time is the exercise thing. It sucks. You have to do it like every day. I have worked from 15 minutes walking to running on the hard program with tall hills which makes my legs go numb. But I am determined to get skinny. So far I have lost 35.

Ok have to get ready 4 work. Birthday pics are on Flickr now, k?


New post?
Monday, March 27, 2006

...I forgot what that means.

Things I have done since posting last:

Gone to see Disney on Ice.
Gone on a blind date with a policeman.
Made headbands that look like puppy ears.
Gotten one of my tattoos redone.
Exercised like a mad mad maniac.

Feel free to ask questions about the abovementioned activities and I will elaborate. (if anyone is still reading this, that is.)

everything looks so much brighter now that i have lowered my expectations.
Monday, March 20, 2006

When I started this job, the high school teachers told me middle school students were not prepared well enough for Sp.I in high school so I vowed this year things would be different. Chu.
I have been pushing them hard - really hard for middle schoolers and nobody even has below a C. The problem middle school Spanish is an elective so they treat it like art or PE. But if they get a B or above they get HS credit, so really it's one of the most academic subjects. I teach at 2 schools, in case I didn't tell you before. Each has its pros and cons but the kids are awesome at both. But I never have all my kids in class together more than 2-3 times a week since January. It's so crazy. They have everything during the elective periods- asssemblies, meetings, etc. Now I see why the students aren't prepared. It's so frustrating. Now spring sports are starting too.

I tried to keep my head above water at first, but then it got so bad I just gave up and decided to shoot for quality over quantity. I spend 10 minutes every day at the beginning of class explaining make up work to kids. The other kids are supposed to be working on something but they always yak.

One school is especially motivated and I had given an assignment last week to make a movie explaining everything in the Chapter step by step using the vocab as their test grade for the chapter which is a big grade. They got to work on it extra last week because I was sick.

Today one girl's mom dropped off her props for the movie for the dress rehearsal today, bc they write the script themselves and act it out, was a car made out of a like appliance box or something and spray painted blue. It really rocked!
Picture012[1] (2)
The kids were making it look like it was moving and had hydraulics on it. They also have a giant shark fin and Jaws music played on the clarinet. Since I don't see the movie til I film it, it'll be interesting to find out what they did. We film tomorrow.

Luces, camara, accion!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I must be much better looking than I think I am to have produced these here jeorge-ous churrens.


...more on flickr

Saturday, March 18, 2006 a big country... dreams stay with you...

Have pity on me, por favor.
Friday, March 17, 2006

Tell me you're sorry that

I keep barfing
I have a pounding caffeine headache bc nothing stays down
I'm sooooooooooo hungry but can't eat anything
I had to use another sick day today

totally gnarly dude.
Thursday, March 16, 2006

i had to call in today cuz i have the barfy bug thats' been going around here. i hate it.

i really really don't like using my sick days to be sick.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ok so i only got one comment on the moon picture.

anyways, i'm not sure exactly what this is but i bought the diet one today and man it is so good. no diet aftertaste at all.


normally the girls are still asleep when i leave in the morning but this morning they woke up while i was getting ready. "mommy. i WANT you." then my sweet little lilybelle in her footed jammies and holding her lambie snuggles up on my lap and says "mommy me no want you go work today. no go to work mommy. please mommy stay here at my house. " she kept asking over and over then she started crying when i told her i had to go.

i was this close to calling in- seriously it freakin kills me.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I have been busting my beehives daily for a week now on this everloving treadmill/ stair climber/ medieval torture device. I like it bc you can set it on a certain program and it goes up and down automatically. see pic Yes I know most do this but my old one didn't so it's thrilling.

Tonight I felt actual definite muscles moving on the tops of my thighs as I sat at this here computer. Should I become a professional bodybuilder or what?

Spring is now springing here.
On another subject entirely, the moon and night sky here were wonderferously gorgeously beautiful tonight. Pictures just cannot do them justice. It was slightly hazy and here where I live I can walk a couple steps and be in the middle of a big open field where when you look up you feel like you're quite possibly getting a glimpse of Heaven. The stars were so brilliant. The moon had a yellow glazy blob around it like an egg white.

marchtub 036 CLICK TO BIGGIFY (highly recommended)
notice loverly green spring growth on the tree in the forefront.

The crickets were chirping, it wasn't chilly at all, and the wind was slightly whispering in the pines. In the distance I heard some tinkling windchimes. It was an awesome display of His majesty!

click pic to see notes in flickr.
Saturday, March 11, 2006

It was such a lovely spring day today that I almost expected to see little baby lambies frolicking in the meadow and fluffy baby chicks chirping merrily as they waddle along. Wait, would the romping lambs injure the chicks? Nevermind.

70 degrees here the last few days. The girls dig it. They are BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS hyper.

Tonight on the way to the playground Lily projectile vomited up her oatmeal from lunch a few hours earlier. I will probably be home with her tomorrow and I'm just waiting for H to start upchucking too.

They are now officially turning into little girls. So sad. But so precious. Remember when they couldnt talk? I predict they will both be on the debate team in high school.
All they do these days is argue their points like two little lawyers.
marchtub 016
marchtub 015

How wrong is it...
Wednesday, March 08, 2006 tell your kids that they will get smarter by finishing all of their sodium laden Chef Boyardee ABC's and 123's with Mini-Meatballs?

Things to take into consideration before answering:

A. it wasn't the big can. they were splitting one of the microwave lunch size ones

B. I had to do it b/c they were hyper and not eating and i get worried when they don't eat that they will be malnourished and should i buy some Carnation Boost or Instant Breakfast or baby Ensure ASAP? flintstones vitamins even?

C. it didn't work very long and i had to end up showing them the pink and green funny bath foam Mom bought today to get them to finish so i could give them a bath b4 bible study tonight.

D. there ARE letters and numbers in it.

pps: also opinionate on the subject below this post if you don't mind.

Educational Pressure
Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The girls have an opportunity to attend a 3 year old Pre-K program starting in September. It's a Christian school that uses a curriculum starting from the get go so it's more like a structured environment as opposed to daycare. I love everything about the idea but now I'm worried if I'm going to be like a militant mother who pressures her kids too much.

Never having had children before I am kind of playing this thing by ear. I really don't know what the most appropriate age is to send kids to school. I do know that the girls love learning and they're getting so active they need something to keep their little minds occupied. The idea of this combined with the socialization concept makes me excited about it. It's a whole day thing but they can go 1/2 days if and when they feel like it.

We don't even know yet if they will get in 100% for sure til March 27 because they only take 15 and they won't accept applications til that exact date. Bob and Sue have informed me they will be sitting in the parking lot waiting for the school to open that day since I will be at work. Will it be a scene that reminds us of the Cabbage Patch Doll frenzies of the 80's, with rabid mommies jockeying for their positions in line?

Some other questions to consider:
~will the other kids feel inferior bc my kids are so smart?
~how freaking adorable will the girls be in little school uniform jumper thingies?
~should we send our early appplications to Harvard now or wait another year?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Excitement here at 2wmhq boys and girls! uncle bob and aunt sue signed lily and hannah up to take a tumbling tykes classes and they started today. isn't this the cutest?
here they are stretching before class.
click to biggify pictures.marchtumble 022
that's uncle bob at the back center supervising.

here's hannah on the left and lily on the right being such good girls.

marchtumble 026

i also wanted to show you these gorgeous dresses i got at tj maxx today for 15 each!!! i love them- they are a really nice boutique brand with the tulle layers underneath and a big puffy bow in back.. must take pictures with these on barefoot at the beach when it warms up.

marchtumble 055

Interview with the Baby Starlet Ava E...LIVE at her press conference

twins birthday 001

Ava E., age 23 months.
Likes: waffles
little people castle
Dislikes: when mommy turns off noggin
being denied juice on demand

Best Friends:
Mommy and Daddy
Tori Dog
Lauren and Jess
Mamau and Dandah

Additional Comments:
/ aaaaabbbbb5764457a

"eat, out ...side."

blogger's dilemma...
Thursday, March 02, 2006

...leave a comment every time just so they know i was there? or only leave meaty comments that don't sound clippy?

quality or quantity?

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