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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Can I just say that this was the best Santa I have ever had the chance to meet??? He was so real and not loud like the big "HO HO HO" screaming type, but a soothing sweet guy who was very patient with the scared monkeys and convinced them it was okay to sit down. This picture they took as soon as the girls were plopped on his lap so they look startled. I wish they had waited a few more seconds cuz they started talking to him and smiling and stuff.

He told them, "I remember your mommy from when she was as little girl, Lily and Hannah, and she was always so good." They looked at him in stunned admiration. (Obviously he didn't know mommy too well.)

Lily told him she wanted a twactor and a book and Hannah said she'd like a babydoll. After our turn was over they wanted to stand at the gate and watch him with the next kids and when we left they said "bye bye San Cwas!"

Of course, the crass commercialism of modern Yuletide comes into play at Santa's village in the mall. When I was a kid you got a Polaroid in a paper folder and if you shut your eyes for the flash, that was just too bad. Nowadays they have all digital and there's a list of packages while you're waiting and you tell the lady which package you want and you can get the digital on a CD for 5 bucks extra with photo purchase. And a free reindeer beanie baby with the Family Package for 39.95. I just got the minimum 10 buck pic so I could buy the digital.

The reason we were at the mall was we got our pics done finally at Sears with my nice 100.00 certificate but that's another post, boys and girls.

They're saying chance of snow here in Monkeyville overnight so I'm praying for a 2 hour delay in the morning. That would be splenderiferously wonderful.


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