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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My darling churrends are driving me freakin certifiable, man. They are suffering from an intense case of cabin fever that worsens with each passing day of freezing rain, snow, and overall cruddy weather during which they cannot romp outside and burn their energy.
School got out at 12:30 today and I was so excited to be home early but my mom had just put em down for nappykins and was trying to force them to stay in bed. Talk about defiant! These kids, especially Lil, were climbing the walls. No discipline technique, I repeat NO technique works with them.

Yesterday they got up from their nap and finger painted raunchy raw smellin cacapoo all over their walls, window shades, beds, and other surfaces. Yes, you heard me. The cleanup was a stomach churning occasion. Nuf said.

Tonight they have been generally ripping and roaring throughout the monkey household. I told my mom we have got to find somewhere we can take them just to run around for a while otherwise all their caretakers will be sedated and in strait jackets.We may have a snow day tomorrow and if so I will let them romp outside til they turn into monkey- sicles.

Where have my loverly well behaved sweetykins gone? Please let them come home soon!!
Wish me luck.

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